I wrote Strength to remind myself that I can do anything. No matter what challenges I face, whether it’s peer pressure at school, sticking up for my friends, or dealing with unkind people, I can rise above, call in my inner strength, and be queen of my world. I hope you like the song and album and that it reminds you that you also have all the inner strength you need to rule your kingdom.

I’m so grateful for everyone who supported my Kickstarter project and made it possible to make “Strength!”

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Reviews for “Strength”

“I cannot believe that she is only 12! Do not forget this girl! She will go far.”

“Simply put, your CD is fantastic!”



Preview songs on this album now!
      1. Feeling Good
      2. Strength
      3. At Last
      4. Lucky
      5. The Thrill Is Gone
      6. Oil & Water
      7. Let It Be




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