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This live disc highlights some of my original songs and recordings from my sold out solo acoustic house concert at age 14. The raw energy, soulful vocals, and powerful compositions bring you a rare musical experience that will make you feel like you’re an honored guest with a coveted seat right up front.

For me, home is where I’m most comfortable; where I’m in my element and among those who love me most in the world. Maybe that’s also why it’s where I feel safe and inspired enough to write about some of my most important life experiences and insights and put into words and music universal pains, truths, and revelations. So it’s only fitting that this live CD—an intimate glimpse at finding my way (and maybe yours?) through challenging times and emerging victorious and inspired—was recorded at my house, among family and friends old and new.


Reviews for “Savanna Coen Live!”

“Your originals touched me deeply. Thank you for holding the intention to bring positive energy into people’s lives through the incredible gift of your music. You have so much wisdom.” ~Judith Voss

“Your covers are amazing, but the real magic is in your originals! Your voice carries the loving, healing vibrations to deliver your words. Your song ‘House of Mirrors’ was like seeing the world with new eyes. The understanding in ‘Strangers,’ the realizations in ‘Till It’s Gone,’ the identification and empathy you give…. Man that’s some power!” ~Tye Tyra

“I was blown away by your CD…I LOVE listening to it, and it’s on constant rotation in my car! The first song on there, “Breakthrough,” I think is the one that makes the biggest impression on me, although they are all SO beautiful and full of passion. Your words do such a sensitive job of capturing complicated feelings and experiences in just a few phrases…I guess that’s the poetry! I also really loved your guitar playing, and thought the sound quality was excellent.” ~Zena Polly

“I recently popped Savanna’s LIVE CD into my player and it just doesn’t want to come out! I put it in, hit repeat and Savanna just sings all day long! Musically, it’s very pleasant to listen to. But the lyrics are the *magic!* When you allow the music to fill your space, you find, or at least I did, that I would be in conversation and one or two words would pop out of the song and fit perfectly into the thought I was speaking about! How often does that happen?! Savanna’s LIVE CD is emotional, it’s creative, it’s intuitive and thoughtful. The melodies stay with you and the lyrics … speak TO you and FOR you in ways you just wouldn’t expect from a young woman who is ALREADY much wiser than those 15 years!! Awesome job, Savanna!” ~Indie


Preview songs on this album now!
      1. Breakthrough
      2. Till It's Gone
      3. As If
      4. Graffitied My Mind
      5. Last Chance to Fall
      6. Hidden
      7. Don't Tell Me Goodbye


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