WARNING! Buddy does a little swearing in this video!

I’m Savanna Coen, “Oregon’s Teen Queen of the Blues.” Last summer (2011) I went to a Buddy Guy concert in Roseburg, OR and somehow I ended up on stage with him, fronting his band for a couple of songs and using his guitar! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fGsgrqjREg). He said anytime he’s in town, I’m welcome to play with him — and to bring my guitar.

So this summer, Buddy came to my hometown in Eugene, OR. I wasn’t sure if I’d get to play with him again, but I went to the concert with my guitar and some new verses I wrote for his song “74 Years Young” — from a 14 year-old’s point of view. When he heard I was there, he called me up! We made it halfway through the song when he got sidetracked when looking for Jonny Lang and then inviting Ana Popovic to join us. So at the end of this live video, I sing all my verses for Buddy’s song. I also included both Buddy’s and my lyrics below!

Oh yeah, and to my right on stage… yes, that’s the awesome 13-yo Quinn Sullivan!

My incredible guitar was made and given to me by Don Greenough of http://www.FoxHollowGuitars.com.


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